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Communication is key. Whether it is an athletic team, a marriage, a business or any other aspect of life, communication is essential to success. The same is true with your health. The brain is the epicenter of health. Vitality depends on uninterrupted communication between the brain and the body. We find and correct any interference to this essential communication, allowing your body to heal itself. Your symptoms disappear, your health is restored. It's as simple as that!



Before you turn to medication or surgery for your health challenges, choose us! If you aren't under regular chiropractic care to ensure proper nerve function, you are not experiencing your full health potential. You were designed to be healthy. Your body is self-healing and self-regulating. Unleash your body's power to heal itself with specific, scientific chiropractic care. Pain, symptoms, and diseases are signals from your body telling you to pay attention. Don't mask those symptoms with medication. Discover the source of your health challenges with chiropractic in Quincy, IL. Choose true health and healing from the inside-out. And if you are symptom-free, take your health to the next level. Call us today to begin your journey to natural health.



Have you been to several doctors and not received an answer for your health challenges? Have you been to other chiropractors and not gotten results? Have you tried every drug, surgery, procedure, and test there is? Are you losing hope that you can be healthy? Choose us. Dr. Daryle Hightower is a chiropractor in Quincy, IL that cares about your health. She uses the latest technology to fully assess your nervous system, because your nervous system controls and coordinates all the other systems of the body. She combines this with a detailed physical examination. We listen to your needs and goals. We care about you and your health. We want you to reach your God-given health potential. Call us today to learn how we can help.

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